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Politico enables citizens to give their mandate to politicians running for different government offices while building trust in the process through transparency.


UI Template

To view the UI Template click here

API Host

API endpoints are hosted Here

API Documentation

API endpoints Documentation are hosted Here

Technologies && Tools

Getting Started

### Prerequisites

Ensure you have NodeJS installed on your computer by entering node -v on your terminal. If you don’t have NodeJS installed go to the NodeJS Website, and follow the download instructions


Clone the app

Install all the packages

Run the server


Run Test case

Working Routes

Endpoint Functionality
POST /auth/signup create an account
POST /auth/login log into his account
POST /auth/reset reset password
POST /parties/ create a political party
GET /parties/  retrieve all political parties information
GET /parties/:partyId retrieve a specific political parties information
PATCH /parties/:partyId modify a specific political party
DELETE /parties/:partyId delete a specific political party
POST /offices/ create a government office
GET /offices/ retrieve all government offices information
GET /offices/:officeId retrieve a specific government office information
PATCH /offices/:officeId modify a specific government office info
DELETE /offices/:officeId delete a specific government office
POST /offices/:officeId/register register a politician for a specific office elections
POST /votes/ vote for a specific politician in a specific office
GET /offices/:officeId/result view election results for a specific office
POST /petitions/ create a petition
GET /auth/profile view profile information



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